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Jack F Agnew
A company with great promise

Websites Owner as a company offers website design services worth considering. They design quickly, professionally and are open to changes a customer makes. My company contact Ashwani (Nick) was polite, knowledgeable and very hard working. He seems to have an overload of clients as it was hard to make connections at times agreed upon. I said the company has great promise and it does. But it must improve the reliability and quality of its telephone connections to the United States. Call are dropped. Calls are suddenly interrupted or the line goes dead. Everyone's time is important and Websites Owner must improve the quality of it telephone technology. The spotty communications uses much extra time and breaks the flow of conversation. As a result, the final results of my website were very good but it took too long to get there. And the main culprit was communications. With all this said, Ashwani went above and beyond in solving a problem I had with my website host and with restoring my website information from a previous design company that went out of business causing me to lose my website for many months. I am praying that WebsitesOwner is successful so there is a continuity between myself and this company for years to come.